S3NTM Cycle 6

Sims3Fanatic09's S3NTM Cycle 6 was the first Cycle that allowed models under 5'7 to compete in an S3NTM. Over 25 applicants applied for Cycle 6 but only 15 girls were chosen. However another addition was added to the cast as one girl was given another chance after competing in another petite S3NTM which was cancelled after 1 episode. So 15 became 16 and the competition finally began! The winner was 18 year old Bria Maktoni from Honolulu Hawaii, who was 5'3.

Episode 1: The First CutEdit

The 15 (yet to be 16) hopeful models arrived at a hair salon in New York where they were to recieve makeovers. All the girls were happy with their new look except from Mercedes who was unhappy with her makeover.

Abebe Wavy Blonde Hair
Alisha Shiny Brown Hair
Anna Long, Ice Blonde Hair
Bria Curly, Ice Blonde Hair
Canidy Shorter, Dark Hair
Chi-Li Long, Brown Hair
Clark Shoulder-Length, Red Hair
Dalya Curly Dark Hair
Furonda Completely Bald
Karin Short Brown Hair
Lisa Blonde Hair with Bangs
Mercedes Ginger Hair with Bangs
Molly Short Brown Hair
Reikya Short Black Mohawk
Tiona Curly Blonde Hair with Bangs

After the girls recieved ther makeovers, they arrived at their new home. They were greeted by Larissa (the 16th contestant) who told them that she would be their new competitor. Before she could say anything else about her, the girls ran into the house, searching for beds to claim. At the first photoshoot the girls were told they were to work in pairs with their closet competitor. They each got given a 'model asset and this is what they were given:

Abebe + Furonda Dark Skinned Beauties
Alisha + Chi-Li Amazing Asians
Anna + Bria Ice Blonde Babes
Canidy + Clark Freckle-Faced Twins
Dalya + Larissa African-American Stunners
Karin + Reikya Short, Spunky and Small
Lisa + Tiona Blondes With A Bang
Mercedes + Molly Unique Faced Beauties

At panel, Molly was praised for her high fashion photo but Mercedes and Clark failed to deliver a good photo. Both Clark and Mercedes landed in the bottom 2, but Clark was saved, leaving Mercedes as the first girl to be eliminated from the competition. But Mercedes told Tyra that she was making a huge mistake and cursed at Tyra before leaving the panel room.

First Call Out: Molly Smoon

Bottom 2: Clark Rion and Mercedes Cooper

Eliminated: Mercedes Cooper

Episode 2: The Girl Who Quit The CompetitionEdit

When the girls arrived home from panel, Larissa spoke to her mother on the phone and she found out that her father had passed away. Larissa was heartbroken and took her anger out on Chi-Li, who wanted to help her. Larissa hit Chi-Li with a pillow, which made Chi-Li angry with Larissa.

The girls then had a photoshoot where they had to take a beauty shot with no make-up on. At panel Larissa told Tyra that she wanted to quit the competition due to family reasons. Tyra said to the remaining girls that if Larissa's photo was not the worst, then one girl would still be going home. Karin pleased the judges with her beautiful photo, but Abebe and Alisha disappointed the judges with their photo and landed themselves in the bottom 2. Tyra told the two girls that Larissa's photo was not the worst and that one of them would be leaving. Tyra gave Abebe another chance, eliminating Alisha.

First Call Out: Karin Sambroz

Bottom 2: Abebe Yeboah and Alisha Yoshimura

Eliminated: Alisha Yoshimura

Eliminated Outside Of Panel: Larissa Bladens

Episode 3: Dance! Dance! Dance!Edit

After panel the girls arrive at a runway where Lu-Te reveals that they will be walking on a runway with fire flaming at their side. The winner of the challenge would get to choose 2 friends to participate in an Anubis Fashion show with her. However somebody would also be eliminated from the competition based on their performance on the runwway. Furonda rocks the runway with her striking presence, but Reikya stops half way on the runway and poses rudely whilst Chi-Li runs on the runway, poses awkwardly and runs off the runway again. In the end Lu-Te eliminated Chi-Li from the competition and she was sent home. Furonda won the challenge and chose Bria and Tiona to walk in an Anubis fashion show with her. At panel Bria and Clark wowed the judges with their extraordinary poses, but Molly and Lisa failed to impress them. In the end Molly and Lisa landed in the bottom 2, but it was Lisa who was eliminated from the competition.

Challenge Winner: Furonda Jones

First Call Out: Bria Maktoni

Bottom 2: Molly Smoon and Lisa Cuthbert

Eliminated: Lisa Cuthbert

Eliminated Outside of Panel: Chi-Li Pi-Za

Episode 4: Lady Gaga or Chicken Raw?Edit

When the girls arrived home, Tiona and Clark wanted to have a celebration feast, but they came across a bowl of raw Chicken which Molly was quick to expand on the fact that it should be in the fridge. Dalya comes over and tells the girls that it should be kept in the fridge, which angers Molly. Molly starts screaming at Dalya and then all of a sudden it becomes a screaming match between the two girls. Clark doesn't like drama and tries to stay as far away as possible from it. Dalya eventually walks away, which makes Molly mad. Later on, the girls gossip about Dalya, Abebe and Molly behind their backs and talk about how Abebe is a strange girl.

At the photoshoot the girls are told that they will have to model Lady Gaga's most famous outfits and portray Lady Gaga in their photo.At panel, Tyra tells Molly that she thinks that Molly looks better as a blonde and that she will be recieving another makeover next week. Dalya and Furonda produce stunning photos whilst Abebe and Reikya land themselves in the bottom 2 with lackluster photos. But it was Abebe who was eliminated, giving Reikya another chance.

First Call Out: Dalya Thomson

Bottom 2: Abebe Yeboah and Reikya Arrington

Eliminated: Abebe Yeboah

Episode 5: Learn Your Lines!Edit

The remaining 10 girls have a quiet day at the house and talk about what the competition is like! Molly comes back home with her new makeover and talks to Anna and Karin about where she feels she is in the competition. The girls get a Tyra Mail saying that they will be doing a commercial this week.

At panel Tiona and Canidy produce a great commercial but Clark and Anna don't impress the judges. The judges felt like Anna had more potential so she was saved and Clark was eliminated.

First Call Out: Tiona Wigwamo

Bottom 2: Anna Mitchell and Clark Rion

Eliminated: Clark Rion

Episode 6: Show Me Your Personality!Edit

The remaining 9 girls have a photoshoot where they have to portray their personality. At panel Anna is praised for stepping up her game whilst Molly and Reikya fall flat with their photos. In the end Reikya was eliminated for not being able to expand her range of variety.

First Call Out: Anna Mitchell

Bottom 2: Molly Smoon and Reikya Arrington

Eliminated: Reikya Arrington

Episode 7: Beautiful, Soothing Mud!Edit

The remaining 8 girls go to the park to celebrate making it halfway in the competition but Furonda gets into a fight with a non model who called her fat. They then have a dirty photo shoot in groups of 4 (Blondes and Brunettes), posing whilst covered in mud. At panel Tyra tells the girls that they are going to Paris but only 6 of them can go. Bria is praised for her high fashion photo but Molly and Anna fail to impress the judges. Molly and Anna are sent packing, leaving the remaining 6 girls to prepare for Paris.

First Call Out: Bria Maktoni

Bottom 3: Anna Mitchell, Canidy Rion & Molly Smoon

Eliminated: Anna Mitchell & Molly Smoon

Episode 8: Bonjour! Welcome To Paris!Edit

The remaining 6 girls arrive in Paris and are greeted by Lu-Te at a beautiful park. He tells the girls that they will be doing their photoshoot right there at the park and they will be photographed by Lu-Te. He reveals that he had been evaluating the girls on the set and the one girl that did the best at the photoshoot would win immunity next panel and receive first call out. Lu-Te decides that Bria did the best ad would receive immunity. After their quick photoshoot, Lu-Te reveals that they will be moving into their now home. At panel, Furonda and Karin fail to impress the judges with their photos, but it was Karin that was sent packing.

First Call Out: Bria Maktoni

Bottom 2: Furonda Jones & Karin Sambroz

Eliminated: Karin Sambroz

Episode 9: Recap Episode!Edit

This special recap episode shows all that has happened throughout the cycle, including never before seen footage.

Episode 10: A Jaguar's Roar!Edit

The 5 remaining girls take a day to relax at the spa. Then it was back to business as the girls had to pose with a jaguar for their next photoshoot. When the girls get back, a Tyra Mail reveals that at the next judging 2 girls will be going home. At panel, all the girls impress the judges with their photos, but the judges decided that Canidy and Furonda would not be making the final 3 and that they would be going home.

First Call Out: Tiona Wigwamo

Bottom 3: Canidy Rion, Dalya Thomson and Furonda Jones

Eliminated: Canidy Rion and Furonda Jones

Episode 11: The FinaleEdit

The final 3 girls have a covergirl commercial and Tiona forgets her lines and breaks down. Then the girls have a covergirl photoshoot where Bria comes off as too angry in her photo. At panel, the judges praise Dalya for being the only girl out of the 3 of them to have nailed both the commercial and the photoshoot. Bria and Tiona land in the bottom 2, but the judges decided that Bria would be joining Dalya in the final runway show.

First Call Out: Dalya Thomson

Bottom 2: Bria Maktoni and Tiona Wigwamo

Eliminated: Tiona Wigwamo

Final 2: Bria Maktoni and Dalya Thomson

After making the final 2, Bria and Dalya walk in the final runway show, along with Karin, Canidy, Furonda, Tiona and Cycle 5 Winner Sakura Xen. Both girls rock the runway, and they each face off in the final walk. At panel, the judges evaluate Bria and Dalya's work throughout the whole competition and evaluate their Seventeen and Vogue covers. The judges then send Bria and Dalya to private chambers whilst the judges decide on a winner. Once the girls are called back in, Tyra announces that the first ever Sims 3's Next Top Petitie Model is Bria!

Final 2: Bria Maktoni and Dalya Thomson

Runner-Up: Dalya Thomson

Winner: Bria Maktoni

Call Out OrderEdit

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Molly Karin Bria Dalya Tiona Anna Bria Bria Tiona Dalya Bria
2 Tiona Dalya Clark Furonda Canidy Canidy Tiona Tiona Bria Bria Dalya
3 Furonda Tiona Dalya Karin Bria Bria Furonda Dalya Dalya Tiona
4 Chi-Li Molly Furonda Canidy Molly Furonda Dalya Canidy Furonda
5 Dalya Furonda Reikya Molly Karin Tiona Karin Furonda Canidy
6 Reikya Canidy Tiona Anna Dalya Dalya Canidy Karin
7 Karin Clark Karin Bria Reikya Karin Anna
8 Bria Anna Abebe Tiona Furonda Molly Molly
9 Alisha Chi-Li Anna Clark Anna Reikya
10 Canidy Bria Canidy Reikya Clark
11 Abebe Reikya Molly Abebe
12 Anna Lisa Lisa
13 Lisa Abebe Chi-Li
14 Larissa Alisha
15 Clark Larissa
16 Mercedes

Colour Key
Colour Colour Representation
The Contestant Was Eliminated
The Contestant Was Eliminated Outside Of Panel
The Contestant Quit The Competition
The Contestant Won The Reward Challenge
The Contestant Won The Reward Challenge and Received Immunity

The Contestant Finished As The Runner-Up

The Contestant Won The Competition


Name Age Height Hometown Creator Placed
Bria Maktoni 18 5'3 Honolulu, Hawaii sims3ntm
Dalya Thomson 20 5'7 Brooklyn, New York LutjuLuTeTe Runner-up
Tiona Wigwamo 19 5'4 Chihuahua, Mexico SaintPita 3rd
Furonda Jones 22 5'7 Atlanta, Georgia ContemporarySim 4th/5th
Canidy Rion 18 5'7 Kentucky Town, Texas LegitPointe05 4th/5th
Karin Sambroz 20 5'3 Arkansas, USA SNTMS3 6th
Anna Mitchell 19 5'5 Chicago, Illinois simseriesmaker 7/8th
Molly Smoon 21 5'4 Boise, Idaho S3SProductions 7/8th
Reikya Arrington 18 5'3 Reykjavik, Iceland MattS3NTM 9th
Clark Rion 18 5'7 Kentucky Town, Texas LegitPointe05 10th
Abebe Yeboah 18 5'6 1/2 Niamey, Miger UniqueBeauty150 11th
Lisa Cuthbert 19 5'5 Ottawa, Canada SnTm3 12th
Chi-Li Pi-za 18 5'5 Seoul, South Korea BrushYourCats 13th
Alisha Yoshimura 20 5'5 Mililani, Hawaii iExcitment 14th
Larissa Bladens 23 5'6 New York, NYC Sims3Fanatic09 15th/Quit
Mercedes Cooper 22 5'7 Cheshire, England djjwilliams 16th

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