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Sims3Fanatic09's WikiaEdit

Sims3Fanatic09 is a S3NTM creator that uploads Sims 3's Next Top Model videos on Youtube. He has completed 5 successful cycles and is currently airing the sixth on his channel.

Cycle Winner Runner-Up Contestants In Order Of Elimination No. of Contestants
1 Kaori Naokims Tatiana Stone
Ella Phillips, Fiona Palery, Lakeisha Jones, Kat Joise, Jennifer Coleman
2 Lilly Charleston Lily Rose Tipton
Tia Hansen, Dawn Parker, Magdalena Manson, Tanya Floydman, Rynascia MansonEdit
3 Kortland Arrington Jia Jin Li
Evolia Carpentrata, Tamia Luce, Mia Lacar, Wendy Fernanda, Holly OdessaEdit
4 Zahra Friedman Ginah Steamer
Anais Magruder, Jen Jones, Charmaine L'beauty (disqualified), Melrose Harris, Michelle Cervantes, Paula Chaos, Spring Ocean, Liz Chaos, Amelia Star, Yuri Tompshon, Lola SteenEdit
5 Sakura Xen Janina Ambrossio
Niome Reece, Amy Kay, Samantha Holsteff, Najaa Hawkins, Abby Ille, Shannon Loreinay (kicked), Sophia Gigles, Meaghan Fletcher, Whitley Jacobson, Danielle Skotch, Alexandra Bennindale, Yu-Ri MotoEdit
6 Bria Maktoni Dalya Thomson
Mercedes Cooper, Larissa Bladens (quit), Alisha Yoshimura, Chi-Lî Pi-Za, Lisa Cuthbert, Abebe Yeboah, Clark Rion, Reikya Arrington, Anna Mitchell, Molly Smoon, Karin Sambroz, Furonda Jones, Canidy Rion, Tiona WigwamoEdit

7 (All-Stars)

Anais Magruder Shannon Loreinay

Eliminated: Magdalena Manson, Jia Jin Li, Paula Chaos, Rynascia Manson, Liz Chaos, Meaghan Fletcher, Kat Joise, Evolia Carpentrata, Janina Ambrossio, Chi-Li Pi-Za, Yu-Ri Moto, Michelle Cervantes, Lola Steen, Yuri Tompshon

subscribe to my other channelEdit

  • Cycle 7 was an All Star Cycle featuring some of the biggest characters and famous faces from previous cycles.

Latest activityEdit

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